Text excerpts sampled from chats streamed on ItalianTV News, October, 25, 2022.

Discorso perfetto bravissima.
Finalmente un discorso da politico, non da direttore di banca.
Ricominciare a immaginare uno Stato che funziona e all'avanguardia, dove si vive bene.
Discorso molto bello,
che lascia spazio alla speranza di una vera rinascita della nostra Italia❤
Rialziamoci e guardiamo verso il futuro con fiducia, speranza e fierezza.
il lavoro dignitoso pagato adeguatamente e non China style e controllare i criminali che si appropriano indebitamento degli aiuti riservati a chi ha realmente bisogno.
Discorso meraviglioso! Unica speranza per questo paese ai minimi termini!❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Un commento illuminato, se rispettate le cose dette, potrebbero davvero riportare dignità nel popolo Italiano.
Spacca tutto!!!
Da ultimo cittadino le auguro buon lavoro presidente.
Chi non riesce ad emozionarsi, non sta bene... nella sua anima... ed è un Pericolo sia per sé che per tutto il Creato Vivente intorno a sé!!!
Facciamo che ti accontenti tu, che dici?
Una grande famiglia è tale se la donna è forte, vera, autentica, amorevole; una grande nazione chiede una donna che sia tale. Lei, certamente lo è.
Impeccabile. Bravissima.
Continua così credo in te. Grazie.
Una grande emozione e l'emozione nasce dalla passione.
È ora di rimediare... E fare vedere chi vale veramente.
Anche io voglio la assistenza da parte del governo libico!
Per favore.

Perfect speech very good.
Finally a speech as a politician, not as a bank manager. Begin to imagine a state again that works and cutting edge, where you live well.
Very nice speech, which leaves room for the hope of a true rebirth of our Italy ❤
Let us stand up and look to the future with confidence,
hope and pride.
I share
decent work paid adequately and not China-style and controlling criminals who borrow the aid reserved for those in real need.
Wonderful speech!
Only hope for this country to the minimum terms!❤❤❤❤❤❤
An enlightened comment, if you respect the things said, they could really restore dignity to the Italian people.
She breaks all!!!
As the last citizen, I wish you good work, President.
Those who cannot get excited are not well ... in their soul ... and they are a Danger both for themselves and for all the Living Creation around them !!!
Let's make you happy, what do you say?
A large family is such if the woman is strong, true, authentic, loving; a great nation asks for a woman who is such. She certainly is.
Flawless. Very, very good.
Keep it up I believe in you. Thank you.
A great emotion and emotion comes from passion.
Time to fix it ... And show who is really worth. I also want assistance from the Libyan government!

Bloodthirsty Unsympathetic Collective
嗜血 毫无同情心的集合体

A commentary from a member of "The Great Translation Movement" on Chinese social media censored by the CCP. The Great Translation Movement is an online anti-war movement launched during the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine. It seeks to document displays of ultranationalist, pro-Russian and anti-Western sentiment in China by translating comments found in the Chinese internet.

一 热情,好客,温良,

Hope that people in more countries realize that Chinese people are not 'warm, hospitable, and gentle' as the CCP's foreign propaganda declares, but instead are a proud, arrogant, vigorously in love with populism, cruel, bloodthirsty unsympathetic collective.

SEPT. 27, 2022
Text excerpts sampled from chats streamed the state funeral in Japan on Taiwanese TV News, September 27, 2022.

八嘎牙漏。 RIP
死这么久了 还没入土为安
天皇呢? 可惜喲!
鬧場 小粉紅 退散
国葬反对! 国葬反对! ...
伊摸鸡 Emoji... 反对!反对!

What a shame! Died so late.
A pretty sister in the back...
The fault stays the same, cumulative evil becomes a habit. Baka-yaro RIP
Dead so long, not yet buried
What about the emperor?
What a pity!
祈翠 net slang (Pray /death twixe to Xi)
Taiwan-Japanese friendship
Noisy little pink retreat
I found someone sleeping
What a shame! Died so late.
Born in Mount Tai, Died by feather
No state funeral! No state funeral...
Emoji... Dead so long .No! No!

AUG. 20, 2022 (2020 was awesome)
Text excerpts sampled from chats streamed on TV News in U.S, Aug. 20, 2022

How do they sleep at night? Xanax or something stronger? or fentanyl? Shame on them. Despicable. “You Go Girl” I bet she still has plenty of Halliburton stock You sound jealous. You are mad and I enjoy it. a lot I love your orange daddy is about to go to prison Every time I look in the mirror I see stunning and brave !!! I will never set foot in Wyoming that's for sure. And I travel A LOT! You’re my hero until the TV tells me different. Self love is always important. He can’t even put a jacket on without help from his wife how he could possibly fix a pothole? She lost her job. People will say all kinds of stuff, but in our heart of hearts nobody likes or trusts a traitor. Forget about the evidence” lalala These lunatics are not going away. Avoid crypto like the plague I never thought I would see anybody be less popular than her dad. She lost her job. My condolences to Chinese banking victims who lost their dignity and life savings because of systematic bank fraud Perhaps we need to define "the Press" more precisely, to not include "incitement toward insurrection" as a category of protected speech? A propaganda outfit must not have the right to put anything resembling "News" in its name; "commentary" or "entertainment" PROGRAMMING needs warning labels. I don't want to think, my head hurts. I'm going to vote for a liar and against my own interest. 2020 was really awesome!

AUG. 9, 2021 嘘は感染するよ。
Lies are contagious

Text excerpts sampled from chats streamed on Japanese TV News, August 9, 2022.

感染は嘘だよ。 嘘は感染するよ。ヤラセ事件なので後で犯人の名前や年齢、数秘、サイン、シンボル、色、日付、キーワードなどがオカルトに絡む。てかなんで「日本のネトウヨ」なのに アメリカかばってんの 意味不明w 何ウヨでも構わない。日本のパヨクは中国と繋がってます。自衛隊の方々お疲れ様。56億7000年後に弥勒菩薩が人類を救いに来る。 日本はアメリカの子犬やっています。やっぱりデマ。嘘は感染するよ。

Pandemic is a lie. Lies are contagious. It's a fake news , so later, the name, age of the suspect or itsnumeology, the signs, the symbols , the color, the dates are related to the occultism. But why "Japanese alt-rights " are pro-American? lol. I dont care what-wing. Japanese left work with China. Thank you for the member of the Japanese defence force. 5.67 billion years later Maitreya Bodhisattva will save the world. Japan has being a puppy for U.S. After all, it's a hoax.Lies are contagious.


Nov. 12, 2022
Text excerpts sampled from chats streamed on Japanese TV News, Novembre 12, 2022.

口の中に何か突っ込まれて虐待されてるぞ。今日もピンハネ中抜きの再開発は元気です。エントロピーの増減が波。 凪とはゼロ、狭間を表し、波とは増減、結びを表す。波と凪は同時に存在する。人って愚かだよな。カモシカは青い血を流す。不敬罪禁固刑。三枚舌外交。準核保有国と言われている所以。地震大国でなければ原発炉でも良いんだよな。ピンクの車って吐きそう。アキラメタ コスパが悪すぎる。イギリスの東インド会社はそれまでの貿易商社から植民地の領域支配をする行政機関へと変貌していきました。東インド会社が持っていたインド貿易の独占権は1813年に失効し 残された中国貿易独占権も1833年に失われると、東 インド会社は商事会社としての機能を喪失し、完全に政治組織へ

Sticking something into the mouth, abusing. About corruption again today. Redevelopment plans for kickback are fine Fluctuate of entropy is a wave. A calm means zero or gaps, and wave means fluctuate and knot. Waves and a calm exist at the same time. People are stupid. The antelope bleeds blue blood. Imprisonment for blasphemy. Three-pronged diplomacy. This is why it is called a quasi-nuclear state. If it's not an earthquake-prone country. Three-pronged diplomacy. This is why it is called a quasi-nuclear state. If it's not an earthquake-prone country, a nuclear reactor would be fine. I might puke in the pink car. I gave up, cost performance is too bad. The British East India Company was transformed from a trading company to an administrative agency that controlled the territory of the colonies. When the East India Company's monopoly on trade with India expired in 1813 and the remaining monopoly on trade with China was lost in 1833, the East India Company lost its function as a trading company and became a completely political organization.

JUL. 22, 2022
Text excerpts sampled from chats streamed on Japanese TV News, July 22, 2022.

消したほうがいいよあんなゴミ動画。国が消滅するよ。メディアの振りした洗脳機関。ネトサポ都合の悪いことは隠蔽しようとするから分かりやすいな。チョットイイデスカ?アナタカミオシンジマスカ? そういやITバブルってありましたね。カニはAmazonで取り寄せるよ。 それでいいな? NЕW АI DАТING FОR АLL ТАSТЕS & АGЕS. IF YOU WАNТ ТО FIND LОVЕ? WЕ WILL НЕLР! 故人になったら功罪をうやむやにしてしまうのは国の文化なんでしょうかネェ。 あー 俺も保育園からやり直したい。原発は40年経ってもいまだに廃棄物処理施設がありません。プルサーマル。うさんくさ。六ケ所村の近くにある ろっかポッカの温泉気持ちええよー。宇宙に捨てるのは国際条約で禁止されてたと思います。いぇーい✌︎ 媒伝もう戦争犯罪してそう!☺️一年目で仕事クッソ辛いんやけど耐えるべき?IF YOU WАNТ ТО FIND LОVЕ? WЕ WILL НЕLР! NЕW АI DАТING FОR АLL ТАSТЕS & АGЕS. IF YOU WАNТ ТО FIND LОVЕ? 晚上好 NЕW АI WILL FIND А GIRL FОR YОU! 中国の先生に質問です。大麻は邪悪なものですかぁ〜? IF YOU WАNТ ТО FIND LОVЕ? WЕ WILL НЕLР! NЕW АI DАТING FОR АLL ТАSТЕS & АGЕS. IF YOU WАNТ ТО FIND LОVЕ? パンダの年間賃貸料。 地下アイドルだってカルトネ❤︎ 私に寄付してぇー→ サンフランシスコで似たようなアートを見たよ。反日じゃないんならマスク取った顔、見せてください。人工地震とかのたぐいの気象兵器。 国賊でググったら出たよ。祖父はCIAの工作員。ヘェ〜 旅行行けばいいやんイマノウチ。ここでしか言わないが、神様は居るよ。サタンに捧げられたその金属製の立方体の祭壇は破壊されなければなりません。

Better remove the trash clip. The country will be demolished.A brainwashing institution swayed by the media.Those net supporters are easy to understand because they try to hide bad things. Excuse me, are you believing in God? Yeah, there were IT bubbles. I will order the crabs. OK? NЕW АI DАТING FОR АLL ТАSТЕS & АGЕS. IF YOU WАNТ ТО FIND LОVЕ? WЕ WILL НЕLР! Is it the culture of this country to ignore the merits and demerits of the deceased? I want to start over from kindergarten.Even after 40 years, the nuclear power plant still does not have a waste disposal facility.Rokka Pokka hot spring near Rokkasho village. It feels good. I think it was prohibited by an international treaty to throw it into space. Yay. (Biden) is already committing war crimes!☺It's really hard work in the first year, but should I endure it?"
I have a question for my Chinese teacher.Is cannabis evil? IF YOU WАNТ ТО FIND LOVЕ? WЕ WILL НЕLР! NЕW АI DАТING FOR АLL ТАSТЕS & АGЕS.Even an underground idol is a cult ❤︎ donate to me → I saw similar art in San Francisco. If you're not anti-Japanese, please show me your face with the mask off. Weather weapons such as artificial earthquakes. I googled it as a bandit and it came out. His grandfather was a CIA operative. Huh~ I should go on a trip, right now.I can only say it here, but God exists.That metal cube altar dedicated to Satan must be destroyed.

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