Takuji Kogo + Federico Baronello
Installation view at Akiyoshidai International Art Village / Architect: Arata Isozaki / Yamaguchi Japan 2006.
From the TV program "Il Dito" Librino e il problema casa 14 Jan. 2005 dubbed in Japanese.  Librino New Town Project is a city plan which was never fully completed. 
Situated in the second largest city in Sicily Catania. Designed by the Japanese Architect Kenzo Tange from 1970 to 1972.

Exhibition: Kitakyushu Biennial 2007 
Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art 2006
Akiyoshidai International Art Village Yamaguchi Japan 2006

Man 1
Here are 25 families that should have apartments. And there are families that live inside cars... 
in some apartments three or four families live... We are all waiting for this to change. 
Today, we join as a group. "Rainbow". The unemployed and homeless people stand united... we'll 
try to organize and to arrange these houses, these abandoned buildings... 
in the hope that the city will aid us. Our proposal is that to finish the construction of the 
buildings, like the one behind me, that are unfinished ... but we still haven't received an answer.

I have seven children, and with my husband. we are nine people in one home. I am a squatter. 
I've squatted the house and I've maintained it...well, I can't say that it's habitable. 
Unfortunately, I'm unemployed and I don't have enough money. My house is a shame. 
Some other journalists have been here to see it.
I live in with my children which is the same way many other families in this place live. 
At first, as you can see, we are without doors.... here, in order to protect ourselves from the 
winter cold, I had to put this big refrigerator door. 
Nobody should ever enter because of the trash is a shame to see all this filth, 
at the risk getting a disease. I'll also show you the other side of the house. 
This is my son's room. It can't be said that this house is habitable...All the rooms are the same.
This is the bathroom, Look at the holes here... the other day a piece of the wall fell down...while 
I was washing myself... humidity and water everywhere...because of the wind this piece has fallen 
and broke the toilet.

Man 2
Tell Scapagnini, to the mayor, that sick children are living here... and handicapped. I have a 
child who is 14 years old whose blind in the left eye ...and there are children are contaminated... 
green areas, parks where children could play. We just live into the trash! 
... social workers? They don't show up around here. Social workers are not interested...

Woman 2
We want the house!!! The children are cold! My child suffers from asthma. I wish he was one of 
the mayor relatives that he would have been assigned a proper house... 
We want have our house not bullshit!
Nunotani Bldg. 

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