*Candy Factory Projects Non_Broadcating Time

Non_Broadcasting Time
Fox 9 News

Twin City Minneapolis U.S.A.
Archived : walker art center
Translocations @ Walker Art Center 2003

Non_Broadcasting Time
Middle School Diaries

NHK Nagoya Japan

Aichi Arts Center Japan 2003
Online peoject : Fine Art Forum 2002 Australia

Non_Broadcasting Time

Channel 10 Australia
Project Gross
The Center for contemporary photography
Melborne, Austalia 2001

Non_Broadcasting Time

TYS Yamaguchi Japan
Art In The Home Yamaguchi Japan 2001
Edinburough Scotland U.K 2002
Online project : New Media Scotland U.K 2002

Non_Broadcasting Time
WHY EBS South Korea
Screening @ Korean Web Art Festival 2001
Online project : New Media Scotland U.K 2002

Wake Up Time 1999
Publication : Wake Up Time
Takuji Kogo + John Miller
Neuer Aachener Kunstverein
Germany 2000
Pavilion Sculpture Gallery Haco Tagawa Japan
In collaboration with Tetsu Takagi, Kazunari Horiguchi

Screening : Arles photo festival France 2000
Exhibition " Joyful " gallery soap Japan 2001

Non_Broadcasting Time
Momochihama Store
TNC Fukuoka Japan
Re:map @ Laforet Museum Kokura Japan 2001

Non_Broadcasting Time
Traveling Around China
China Central Television Beijing
MAAP Beijing / Millenium Monument China 2002

Non_Broadcasting Time
SVK Stockholm
Sweden 2003
for the publication Scream
In collaboration with Ola Pehrson
at Fargfabriken Center for Contemporary and Architecture

Golden time
Screening: Postmasters gallery NY
2001 In collaboration with G.H. Hovagimyan

Non_Broadcasting Time
Someone is reaching out for you
But you are not there.
What would you say if they called on you now.
said. Please love me or I'll be gone.
Yamguchi Cable Television 2004
Channel 0. organized by AIAV
broadcasted at
Yamguchi Cable Television