A *Candy Factory Project / COMICS

6 video installation

A series of animated panoramic street views and architectural environments from specific sites.

There's no ghost after the revolution
Xiobei district, Guangzhou China aka ”Chocolate City”.

Bukit timah Shopping Center Singapore
A Shopping mall in Singapore filled with foreign maid agencies. 

Apgueong Subway Station, South Korea filled with advertisement posters for plastic surgery clinics.
The district is also known as "Beauty Belt". There are about 500 plastic surgery clinics in the area.

Nước Tăng Lực
(Number one energy drink )
A street corner at Ho Chi Min City Vietnam.
The old style kinetic billboard advertise the celebration of 70 years independence of the country
It turns into the herbal tea and energy drink ads.

Animated street view of Walking Street Pattaya Thailand

Corso Sicilia
Animated street view of Corso Sicilia Catania Italy